a professional plate form which is working since 2016 for different project. Mubitv main project is to Write Subtitles for Turkish series to the audience. Mubitv has become one of the most widely Write Urdu subtitle in the region. We are ranked among the top 3 Turkish content sites in Pakistan on Google and have a far wider reach than any of our competitors.

Mubitv has a strong teamwork throughout the country that cover everything about Turkish series subitles, our team management decided to provide Good content in Urdu language that everyone can understand on time. We have a strong tradition of hard-working which has kept us in a leadership position in the industry despite our comparatively small size. Our team works in different shifts Our staff consists of professionals who are entrusted with various tasks.

Turkish drama’s are very popular in world specially Urdu speaking and understanding countries,
Kurulus Osman is everyone’s favorite drama. Mubitv Write Subtitles to its viewers in a timely manner.
And now a day Mubitv is working on another Turkish masterpiece.

Everyone Can Contact us via Email  [email protected]

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