Alparslan Büyük Selçuklu Season 2 Episode 1 In Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Büyük Selçuklu Season 2 Episode 1 In Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Büyük Selçuklu Season 2 Episode 1 In Urdu Subtitles They secretly took us to a church in Söğüt in a covered car. You did a good job, Bahadir. Moreover, the men are still in the church. The one who has betrayed us so much will attack now to get the priest. They will wait for our weakest moment. Part of the Alps will be around the car. The rest will come with me to deal the real blow. While they think you’ve got the Chaplain, then we’ll ride on them. It’s your command, sir. There is a raid! [Ambient sound] Turgut!  Where is your brain? burn! I want Turgut alive.

It is my gift, for I will give it to ten Maris.

Mr. Turgut, where is our brain? Where is the lord of this tribe? Protect the Chaplain of the Alps. Protect the priest! Don’t miss the priest for the second time! Attack! Do not let anyone near the car! Get the priest! Goktug! Do not run away! You know what to do! Do not worry! Ahh! Lets! The dogs got lost, sir, I caught this dog. Let’s take this to the camp and let’s talk then we will understand who threw the bone in front of him . It’s your command, sir. Alps! Ooo! I hope it’s good. Sir. Aygül and Baysungur will take the priest by another route. Göktuğ, Saltuk you will be in front of the car.

The order is yours, sir The order is yours, sir.

Other brave men will go to the priest. Come on Alps. Get off. Deh! But doubt was lifted from Rogatus, brother. The Catalans were to kidnap the Priest. He attacked the soldiers of Rogatus in Nicaea . Thanks. Rogatus didn’t send these dogs to us. Who sent Osman Bey then? Nicola? Koses? Or is it the Emperor? It can be all brother, it can be all. First of all, let’s untie one of his tongues first of all, we will find out who is holding the resentment . Thanks. Alps, we go to the camp. Where is Turgut Bey? Where is your brain? They don’t know, you should look at me like this.


Where is your Turgut Bey? huh? You’re late,

Turgut Bey. And you’re too late. Is not it? Yeah. Nicola despicable dog! Mr. Turgut Now, if you don’t want to hurt more your men put down your swords to the ground. Now now. Alps! I don’t need a sword to take your life! I will kill you slowly, with my hands. Slowly. You’re late, Mr. Turgut it’s too late. [Ambient Sound] I came first, the handcuff is mine. -Where did you come from before, girl? I came first. Mountain servant is in the mountain, vineyard bird is in the vineyard, girl. -You don’t have to be ashamed of yourself, you both covet me and the handcuffs I bought.

Just say what’s going on here chicks.

What do you guys do? All this fanfare for a cuff? Enough is enough, Gökçe Hatun, they have not taken their evil eyes off us since we arrived. Especially Gonca Hatun, what couldn’t we do that you brought this on us? Do you disobey Malhun Hatun’s orders? Let the lady come to her senses, what do you think she’s doing? Gonca, Gökçe, leave! I said leave! Don’t your ears hear what I’m saying? Does this suit you? Does this suit your Kaya Hatun ? Is that what our mother Hayime taught us? Just say he chicks. Other than that, we have no difference! We are all one! Kızılcabeyoğlu is our other relative. This is how you know.

Take care of yourself first and then your chicks!

Come on, let’s get down to business. Obviously, Malhun Hatun did not sit idle. Let’s settle this quickly before Osman hears it. Gather the chicks to the gazebo, my daughter. Of course mother. It means more valuable than your chin. Storm! Every year you come by multiplying. You know we are mercenaries, Osman Bey. Like everyone who has nothing else to fight for Catalania, Andalusia. Do you know our country? No. After the Euphrates Land I know it’s on the other side of the Maghreb . Yes after France.

Why do you come here from your country?

The Muslims did not ask our permission to come to Andalusia. Are you still at war with the Muslims in Andalusia? No they are no longer a strong state to fight. Eventually, we will erase the Emirate of Granada from history. They are not Turks, they are Arabs. All believers are one. One side is you, one side is us. Well, or have you ever fought the Turks before? I fought many Turkish Pirate in the Mediterranean.

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