Barbaroslar Season 1 Bolum 1 In Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 2 Episode 40 In Urdu SubtitlesBarbaroslar Season 1 Bolum 1 In Urdu Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Bolum 1 In Urdu Subtitles I hope it will be the last bite. Hu! I have to Gee! Gee! It’s time sheriff. Good luck, be a conquest. Let the evils go. Demler is more than a phase. Blessed be the believers. Rebels be hydrated. Forgive our sins. May our prayers be accepted. Our last word Make the Qur’an mejid the word tawhid. Ertuğrul Bey, be merciful to our veteran. Order rank Ali.

May the principality of our Osman Bey be blessed.

Keep your sword sharp. Be strong with Adl. May you be blessed with many conquests. Blessed are those who gave their lives for the divine word of God .  (Praying.) O Allah! Huh! Oh Prosecutor! Oh Prosecutor! Prosecutor, how? You’re yelling now.Osman became Kayi’s lord in the election of the new gentleman. Osman would not leave the principality to the prosecutor and Dündar. Are you surprised? Peter of course not.

If you hadn’t been patient and changed your

mind at the last moment that principality was yours. Girl enough. Now is not enough. Ah! Oh my crazy head! Ah! Ah! How did I trust you? How did I trust you? I say enough for you, Hey, that’s enough.  I say enough for you. Now is not the time.Barbaroslar Season 1 Bolum 1 In Urdu Subtitles Don’t you understand? Like this. Is there a destur, sir? None. You tell me.


You got it. Osman Osman.

God Almighty answered my prayers. I couldn’t bear to see Kayı Bey other than you. My Bala otherwise you you will be the head of the Kayı chicks. But your job will be harder than mine. Why did you say that, Osman? Dundar, The women of Turkish gentlemen are also customary. While their lords went to war the responsibility of the tribe rests with the women. Hopefully. Hopefully.

What is happening to you? Hey! Are you okay?

Do you hear me? Thanks my friend. Both for your ayran and for your outfit. Will you come back like this? You go out now. Let’s have a chat with Mr. Bamsi. sons. Mr. Bamsi Bamsi Bey ee you should say now where is the first time? Who is it? First time do you know where Osman Bey is? The first time your father is Ertuğrul Gazi.

Barbaroslar Season 1 Bolum 1 In Urdu Subtitles

Well, the prosecutor is also to Mr. Dundar. Osman has become a gentleman from time to time. What’s on your mind, Peter? Killing two birds with one stone. Maybe three maybe five. We will not only cast a stone shading Osman’s reputation we will also give an opportunity to Dundar who wants to seep through deep cracks.

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