Barbarossa Episode 26 With Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 26 With Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 26 With Urdu Subtitles I didn’t want to give this bad news with your enthusiasm, but now we have news from Konya. Osman arrived in Konya and met with the sultan. Thank god. Thank you very much, O Lord. He stabbed the Sultan in the back. He tried to kill her. And then he ran away. What? His brother is no longer spared. If it falls into my hands, please do not stand in front of me. I’ll take your life wherever I see it. What you have to do is to be a gentleman worthy of your tribe. It is to give justice to the principality. Osman. Find him and bring him safely to my presence.

His Excellency Sultan Mesut Osman tried to kill you.

He killed Commander Temugai and fled. We are looking for Osman, we will kill him when we find him. Osman will not die! I will personally ask him what he did! Find it and bring it. Osman will die. And he will come to his death on his own feet. How is Selcan Hatun? He is not well, my vizier, his wound is quite deep. What does Osman do when his mother is on her deathbed, Konur? Of course he will come to see his mother. Keep your eyes on the lodge. It is your command, my vizier. O Hello Lord. I will never fear the snare of the oppressor or the hypocrisy of the hypocrite . I always rely on you, I always rely on your Selam.

O Lord O Lord! Grant me and my generation to spread

the word and the sentence to the world. Barbarossa Episode 26 With Urdu Subtitles Protect us from all the evils, big and small, that come before us for the cause of the order of the world … Barbarossa Episode 26 With Urdu Subtitles O Lord … give me the opportunity to come out of the slander thrown at me with a clear forehead. O Lord, grant me brothers whose hearts are in love with me! Grant me your name so that I can spread the banner of Islam to the whole world! O Lord,

If the Seljuks do not confiscate our tribe after what Osman did,

it is thanks to Alemşah. But I will do whatever it takes to defeat our tribe! There will be prosperity in the informal Kayı Obası! There will be peace in the informal Kayı Obası! To do this, I will first make Harmankaya the property of Kayi. Storm. Osman Bey came out of Konya safe and sound. Oh Lord, thank you. Do not rejoice immediately. The vizier is again setting up the most traitor of the game. Osman knows that Selcan will come to him somehow. He arranges an ambush in the dervish lodge.

Barbarossa Episode 26 With Urdu Subtitles

The pain he inflicted was not enough for the games he built, now he sets up a new one. Now it is necessary to report this to Osman Bey. Let me let you know, where would my lord be? Coming from Konya. Thanks. The places where we hide in the forest are clear. I know where to find my master. Storm. Oh, don’t let it be known that the news came from me. This is my secret with you for now. Thanks. Amen… Yigit… Göktuğ! Brother. Brother… My martyr… May my Lord bring us together in the Kevser pool.

Amine. – Amen. But I swear… I will avenge you and our martyrs.

Brother, you bravely shouldered the cause of Rights. My lion brother! We agree with you. God bless you too… Goktug. My brother. It’s also destined to fight with a sword without you. It will be difficult, Göktuğ. Lack of sensitivity pierces my side, brother. We will avenge your brother, Göktuğ. Don’t give a damn, my brother Cerkutay. Barbarossa Episode 26 With Urdu Subtitles Turgut. – Here you are, Osman Bey, Kosses. You should go to İrce with the Alps. We’ll meet there.

We will go, of course, but what will you do?

It is very dangerous, Osman Bey, they look for you everywhere. My path is peace. Don’t worry. Thanks. You’ve never seen anything like this in this land, Nikola. I really didn’t see it so sharp. We will gain a lot in this market. But these are the most important. Why did you come in such a crowd, Gunduz Bey? Is there something we don’t know? We didn’t come to visit, we came to buy the castle! Soldiers! Don’t I know your wickedness?

May justice be served. When he hears my mother is dead,

he ‘ll think I’m going to the funeral. Mother! I’m Osman. You came? I’m here, mother. – Thank god. I came. I’m here, mother. – Thank god. If you call the brunette Abdal, how is my mother? Thank you good sir. His wound healed and his fever dropped. needs a good rest. My mother is a strong woman . It will be even better. It will be even better. But only we will know that. Honey, you stay with my mother. Malhun, you should stop here too. You will tell everyone that my mother is dead.

Barbarossa Episode 26 With Urdu Subtitles

Sooner or later he will be in that coffin. Osman will be here! Search everywhere! Keep your eyes peeled! Don’t miss it! How are you going to get out of here now? Don’t worry, my alps took care of everything. Now listen to me carefully. That’s why… he’ll set his trap in the cemetery. And there will be no soldiers left in Söğüt to protect them from my pusat. Vizier Alemşah, you will fall into my palm. I will kill you here. If Osman did not come now, he will come to the cemetery.

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