Barbarossa Season 2 Episode 1 Urdu English Subtitles

Barbaros Hayreddin Barbaroslar Season 2 In Urdu SubtitlesBarbarossa Season 2 Episode 1 Urdu English Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 2 Episode 1 Urdu English Subtitles It will be very grave. Pasha. Chief. What is it? All of them are kept in custody. Is there anything that attracts your attention? Most of them are speaking of how unjust they were to the Sultan. I think they will answer every question you ask without difficulty. Divine. Let’s go and interrogate them, Chief. Please. How did we get involved in such a setup? Stop complaining. If they ask, you can tell them how we got involved.

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I’ll tell them. I will tell them everything. You are right. Let’s tell them everything. It would be better to question them one by one. Prepare a room. As you wish, Pasha. They will be released after the interrogation. Pasha. How can we trust what we are told? Barbarossa Season 2 Episode 1 Urdu English Subtitles They can make a new plan. Chief. These men have been deceived. The real criminal is the one whispering in their ears. Look at me, Your patron got us into trouble. We will also get him into trouble. We will tell them everything.



Barbarossa Season 2 Episode 1 in Urdu

Chief! What is this situation? Open the door! You! Did they send you? Alex Zorba was a good man. He was a devoted man. He never cared about his life. Barbarossa Season 2 Episode 1 in Urdu He did not care. I expect the same devotion from you. What’s your name? Great. Well done. This is the first rule. You shall never speak. You will learn the rest while you live in Zarof School. Let your name be.Nikola Zorba. Sultan. Omer has arrived. He has news for you. Send him in. Tell me, Son. Sultan. Ahsen went to visit her brother Samir’s grave.

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We had buried Samir secretly to avoid any protests.because of his death. But they found his coffin. Who found it? These libertarian youths. Barbarossa Season 2 Release Date in pakistan is 15 December 2022 A protest will been arranged. Barbroslar Season 2 Episode 33 In Urdu I reckon they want to take to the streets because of Samir’s death. They believed in the lie that you killed Samir. What does Ahsen think? Sultan. Ahsen knows that Sara has ordered to kill her brother. Samir made Ahsen write an article before he died. He said he regretted his opposition to you. Is there a signature under it, Son?

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There is Sultan. It is Samir’s notebook. Sultan. We are at your find the traitors among us and do away with them. Barbroslar Season 2 Bolum 1 In Urdu Subtitles The headquarters where Gazi Osman Pasha.contacts the about to be located. If you give permission I would like to support Mehmet Pasha in this important mission. I don’t deem likely that Osman Pasha is treacherous. However, we cannot be lenient in this matter. Sultan, According to the important news we have just abnormal movement by the English ships.


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has been detected in our territorial waters. You can go in search of what you know about Osman Pasha. Has the patriarch been called in? He has, Sultan. Let’s see. What was the reason for the Armenian and English manoeuvrers at the same time? May God give you a long life. May God give you a long life. My heart is fluttering with your love. I can only see a future with you, Sultan’s daughter. Mother. My beautiful daughter. Thank God you recovered. I’m fine.

Barbroslar Season 2 Episode 1 In English

Your father and I were very worried because you got sick. Don’t worry, Mother. I am all right. I found my cure. What happened? Barbroslar Season 2 Episode 1 In English What makes your beautiful face smile like this? This letter, Mother. These lines are Kemalettin Pasha’s response to my love. It turns out that love is the redemptions for all the days you were sick, Naime. I hope that the fate of your love will be beautiful, my daughter. God willing, Mother. I have a request from you. Tell me, dear.

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If you breach the matter to my father appropriately. Of course, my dear daughter. This is the appropriate thing. Do you like flowers, patriarch? I’m not very interested. I like them very much. Like this. Mistletoe. They end on the trees. It is beneficial to the heart. It prevents nosebleeds when you mash the fruit and pull it into your nose. For example these. Centranthus. Perfect for insomnia. When you mix it with other plants,

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you sleep, but you cannot wake up again. Sultan. Did you invite me to walk around your garden? We invited you to tell you there is a cure for every illness in this garden. There is a cure for every illness, except for ignominy. Vileness and cruelty. We invited you to tell you that the cure of the betrayal is death. Sultan. Why welter upon the swamp of betrayal when you can stroll through this beautiful garden? I think there was a misunderstanding. The Armenian Church and its community are always loyal to you.

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This map is entrusted to you by my grandfather the Conqueror. Why is it with the Greeks who were going to Hagia Sophia? It must have been a case of theft. Download Barbroslar Season 2 Episode 1 In Urdu Believe us, we did not know. He who cannot protect the entrustment of the state.cannot protect his head either. Well, we can’t thank you enough. You know, this map is the heirloom of Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror.

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Thank you. I’ll go now. Barbarossa Season 2 Episode 1 Urdu English Subtitles You heard our Sultan. You can leave only after take off the patriarch mitre on your head. I was elected by the votes of the Armenian community. I can’t resign because you wanted it. An owl A dead owl. An owl. Abdulhamid. An owl. What is your name? Does it concern you?

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