Barbroslar Season 1 Episode 7 In Urdu Subtitles

Barbroslar Season 1 Episode 7 In Urdu Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 1 In Urdu Subtitles Mubitv

Barbroslar Season 1 Episode 7 In Urdu Subtitles This is not your business with me. You have go. Handle the chicks at the Kilimhane. I own the rugs. Welcome. Nicholas. Why did you bother to come here ? I was already going to send your gift with my soldiers . I am very happy to see you, another matter, dear Mari. The gift is so precious that I wanted to come and collect it in person, Nikola. True. In fact, you would see him in his desperation, looking at the plundered state of his tribe, dear Mari.

What is this you will see Your gift is coming Here

is your gift, dear Mari. Look, dear Mari. Take care of your lover. What has this wild wolf become, isn’t it? He has become very tame inside the cage. How well mannered. It just sits there like that. Wild. But you shouldn’t see much. Is not it? His father was burned. The Alps are dead. That’s why she suffered so much, dear Mari, a lot. Isn’t it, Mr. Turgut? Is not it? Good thing I came personally to pick up the gift, Nikola. It’s good that. It’s good that. You are right.

It’s good that Soldier Take this I am grateful to you,

Agia Nikola. The road to Harmankaya splits into two from here. The creek by the side of this road overflows during these seasons. I know these places like the back of my hand. We didn’t kick a little horse here. But Kosses also knows. So he will go this way. Goktug. Come Kutay. You will go ahead. saltuk. You will attack from the right side. Thank you sir. Open your eyes. Mari, you better keep your eyes on the road . Do you think Osman will attack us, brother? What do you think? Anselmo Let your man give Osman my name. Come at me like an idiot. Did you think it wouldn’t pay off ?

Tekfur Kosses These are all Rogatos’ plans.

Rogatos bought my man. You know. Catalans are fond of money. I was betrayed too. I have nothing to do with these things . Rogatus wants to use me against you too. He offered me a large amount of gold to buy Turgut . He will ambush us. Rogatus! In order for this not to be the case, I need to make my choices well, Tekfur Kosses. How do I know this isn’t a trap you set for me and Rokatus? You know what you know, Tekfur Kosses. To believe you must not know. When Rokatus attacks, you are not large enough to stand up to him . If you’re willing to miss Turgut, don’t believe it. As if Osman wasn’t enough (You will come to my ambush.) Osman will definitely make a move to take Turgut.


Most of the time we work for gold, Tekfur Kosses, but It’s also trust. What would you like, Byzantine beauty? Hands off! What do you do to me? Why do you help me? Anselmo wants to gain trust, Tekfur Kosses. You better use this chance right, Anselmo. For yourself. If we move in the direction you’re going, we’ll fall into their lap. Let’s go this way. No one uses this place because of the danger of flooding in this season . You know Bithynia well. You can’t escape the ambush of Rogatus otherwise. All right. We’ll go the way Anselmo suggested . Where are they? Don’t they come? They will come. Be patient. They will come. I’m patient, but My double haze is impatient.

This silence is not a good omen. It is not. No one is coming,

sir. They will come. Wait, they will come. Goodbye, sir. Sir. Catalans. I’ve been following them since they were established . They united with Kosses and his soldiers. Later? Kosses did not seem to expect the Catalans. Kosses’ soldiers drew swords. Then things calmed down. They are united. Kosses and Anselmo spoke at length. Then they changed paths together. Alps! Sir! You get ready quickly. We will cut their way. Lets! Tekfur Kosses! Who is this Turgut? Why does Osman want it? It must be someone important that everyone is after. Insignificant.

Just an ordinary Turkish gentleman. Osman and Turkish

customs. Who knows for what ridiculous reason he’s after you. So you? My enemy, Anselmo. I think that’s enough explanation. What’s going on Anselmo? Why did we stop? Tekfur Kosses! I’m taking Turgut, Tekfur Kosses. You sold me to Rogatus didn’t you, Anselmo? Just under your loyalty, right? Let go of Turgut, Kosses. Let me spare your beautiful sister and your life. I’ll never give up! Episode 6


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