Bir Zamanlar Kibris Episode 12 in Urdu Subtitles

Bir Zamanlar Kibris Episode 12 in Urdu Subtitles

Bir Zamanlar Kibris Episode 12 in Urdu Subtitles he is in trouble for his life. The whole tribe is under threat You still defend Osman. What did Osman say so far and it was blank? What did he do that he couldn’t explain? Now I ask you Maybe we’re hurt It will hurt even more. But if my Osman did something, he knows something. No, Selcan Hatun It’s not like that. Osman pushes the limits. It’s my nephew, it’s my life It’s my blood, it’s my life, but if you say oba or Osman I’ll give up on Osman. Then he knows. May your heart be comforted, father. Ages with your sad eyes, my father. Your Bala is a sacrifice to you.

The prophet of mercy fell upon me.

As he sees the state of his ummah Who knows how he is suffering. Who knows his heart How much it hurts. Crusaders, Mongols He shed the blood of many Muslims He soiled our honor. He hurt our dignity. The idea of captivity It dominated the hearts. Invading Muslim hearts Hatred, hatred Betrayal Slander Lust. This state of his ummah How sad it is for our master . All the suffering All the cruelty Did he suffer for this? There are always guards ahead Let’s go then They missed you. Evil Salvador! I barely escaped from the Turks. I came to take shelter. Sir. Shall we go? Stop bro. Siddiq knows what to do.

Stop robbing the dead. You became a Muslim,

Siddiq! Osman Bey, when you come out of the cover There is a secret door to the treasure room. Where does this place go? He goes to the taqwa room. They did it so that he could escape when there was a siege. Why didn’t you say it in the first place? You go on, Mr. Bamsi. If he goes to the room of the repentance, then I have to say hi to Sophia. My Osman Then I will come with you. Your duty is more important, Mr. Bamsi. Bring the gold. We’ll meet here. I’ll go ahead, there may be traps.

Bir Zamanlar Kibris Episode 12 in Urdu Subtitles

It is tekfur road, there is no trap there. Siddik in front of the Duchess. Mr. Alisar Welcome. Princess Sophia is waiting for you. This is the secret entrance to the treasure room. Who is inside? There is no one in the room. However, there are guards in front of the door. How many guards? It’s hard to know there. After all, it is the treasure room of the big castle. You’re sure, aren’t you? As the treasure room Do not let us into the dungeon of the castle.

No, I’m sure. I’m your son now, Bamsi Bey.

If you die, I will die. You blessed me with your bravery. be present. May Allah bless you in both worlds. Mr. Alisar Welcome. Come in. While I escaped from the dungeon and saved my life What are you doing? Indeed, great courage. You underestimate me, Sophia. I am Alişar Bey Bir Zamanlar Kibris Episode 12 in Urdu Subtitles  I have come to lay the foundations of an unshakable ally.

After all your slander? Be quiet.

Its people are crushed by misery They themselves swim in gold. The mother’s breast milk is halal. I am my lion. Check the open door. Come on, braves. Open the door, thieves! Come on guys, let’s not waste time! Let’s move these. We both know that everything you say is true. Coming knowing this shows that you risk everything. Isn’t it worth it? Of course, Mr. Alişar, but I am Byzantine You are the tip of the Seljuk under the Mongol occupation.

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