Filinta Mustafa Episode 1 In Urdu Subtitle

Filinta Mustafa Episode 1 In Urdu Subtitle

Filinta Mustafa Episode 1 In Urdu Subtitle the mosques that we will prostrate, and the non-state. And in this state, those who seek justice will give their rights with justice, and those who rebel will give their heads with justice! May the divine word of God be eternal with our state, our nation and our justice! God bless you! God bless you. You conquered the battlefields with your compass and the hearts with your justice.

With this victory, you gave double water to our black destiny,

not the black iron, Osman Bey. May you exist, Master Davut, may you exist. Ahmet Alpim. Thank goodness you’re back. Thank you very much, thank you very much. I hope you are well. I’m fine, I’m fine, don’t worry. Thank you, Dad, you’re back safe and sound. My grandchild is longing for my daughter, how can I not come back? Mashallah… Mashallah! May your victories be eternal, Osman Bey.

Filinta Mustafa Episode 1 In Urdu Subtitle

Malhun lady. Good luck, Bala. Thank God for showing us these days. With the joy of your son, your joy of victory engulfed us. God bless you, my lord. I set up a double pavilion, I saw you like this, otherwise this is your victory. Thank you Lord. Osman, if you allow us, we would like to talk to you, sir. Here you go, let’s talk. Sir. my gonca. You are welcome. We enjoyed it. Thank goodness you came back safe, may our war be blessed. Amine. What do you think, like a little owl? I wonder if my dowry will be enough for my share of the booty.

Look, you look at the ground, it’s heartbreaking.

Who is this lucky lady? Tell us so we know. The sultan of my heart, who is not aware of his own beauty, his own bravery, his own essence. Where is the Pied chick Zoyi, I didn’t see it? Do you know where? Just say it. Bala Hatun saved our son’s life. You saved my son’s life and Malhun’s life. God bless you, Bala Hatun. What will happen to Zoyi and that old woman, sir? Whatever happens to baby killers will happen! Goktug! My lord’s wife… …with her child in her womb! What kind of snake are you? What will happen to me? You will die with the poison you made yourself.

No! No, do not do it! Don’t bother with the Alps.

Eat. Goktug! Save me! Save me!  oh my god. Selamun aleykum. Aleykumselam Osman Bey. welcome. We enjoyed it. Be my guest. Your eyes are bright with the light of a divine light, Osman Bey. The birth of the state you want to establish patiently, just like the birth of your child that you patiently await, is near. I hope I hope. Even if I’m alone,Filinta Mustafa Episode 1 In Urdu Subtitle  my prayer is to give my last breath to gas for divine word, as Osman Bey, son of Ertuğrul Gazi.

Your patience, your trust, your determination made you wise.

Estagfurullah, astagfurullah. The wind of the victory you won in your war with Byzantium grew and grew from the east to the west, became a storm and stopped, Osman Bey. Thank you, thank you. This wind did not only bring the Turks to their lands. Villages, camps and cities began to be revived. I hope that I will be able to conquer many cities and revive them, inshallah, for me and my generation. You won the battle in the square.

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