Filinta Mustafa Episode 10 In Urdu Subtitle

Filinta Mustafa Episode 10 In Urdu Subtitle

Filinta Mustafa Episode 10 In Urdu Subtitle Yes, sir. We will build a new army with gold, sir. I will raise an army of Hellenic fierce warriors, not sluggish peasants. You will go to the warrior market with the gold we bought from the judge. We will form an army of barbarians, from Macedonians to Catalans, from pirates on the island, to the barbarians. They will be waiting in the valley of Dimitri Ayrini,

take your soldiers and go there.

Bring me my gold safely. Right away, sir. In this land where balances change every hour, every day, Helen, Togay’s death was presented to us as an opportunity on a golden platter. Now is the time to take that opportunity, Nikola. Filinta Mustafa Episode 10 In Urdu Subtitle We don’t have a single moment to lose.

Zoyi’s eyes are sharp.

Our expenses have increased, Osman. May the willow grow and flourish, let our expenses increase, my Bala. I hope it will be overcome. We will come. We will come. Filinta Mustafa Episode 10 In Urdu Subtitle  There are oba affairs that I have to be concerned with, Bala Hatun. I come to the soup kitchen at a suitable time,

I want the soup kitchen to help with their work.

Thankfully, Gonca helps. There is no need for anyone else. Let Malhun chick come and help her, and she will lighten your load. If you say it should be like this, fine. My Bala, it is not easy Bala, it is not easy. He handled all the work in his own camp. Where there was no brain, he would judge, and where there was no brain, he would go to gas.

He didn’t get used to it, you have to give it a chance

Well, she is the woman of this tribe and she has the right. Is there a destur, sir? Patience, my Bala, patience. Come on, Baysungur. Patience Honey, patience. A letter has come from our Sultan, my lord. Is everything ready, my Gonca? Don’t worry, my Bala, everything is ready.

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