Filinta Mustafa Episode 12 In Urdu Subtitle

Filinta Mustafa Episode 12 In Urdu Subtitle

Filinta Mustafa Episode 12 In Urdu Subtitle Sir, there is a letter from our emperor. The Emperor invites me to Iznik to talk to his son Mikayil. Why? I’m going to read my own destiny. We did a good job, Osman Bey. Sultan Mesut wrote that the governor would send gold to Nikola. He will punish you with Nikola’s hand. What will we do, Osman Bey?

We will confiscate the gold sent by the governor!

Osman Bey, does not confiscating the gold draw the anger of the Ilkhanid State? We will not take the gold in the hands of the Mongol, brother. We’ll take the gold from Nikola’s hand. We hit two birds with one stone. We both prevented Filinta Mustafa Episode 12 In Urdu Subtitle Nikola from getting stronger and we will pay our taxes to the Mongolian.

Filinta Mustafa Episode 12 In Urdu Subtitle

How could you do something like this without telling me? Honey, first of all, calm down. This is not an issue to be taken lightly. I brought a few items from my dowry. Malhun chick, this is the gentleman’s tent! Every item has a meaning and a memory. You can’t think of it like that! Like you said, Bala lady. Now everything made more sense. It became clear that the Malhun chick came to this obsession. Did you come to this camp for this? Have you come everywhere to interfere in everything?

You have your own room, girl!

You can do whatever you want there, but do not interfere here! Honey honey! Gentlemen are back, let’s meet informally. May you exist! Thanks! Have a blessed Ghazan, sir! Thank you master David! oh my god! Blessed Ghazan, Osman Bey. May you exist, Malhun lady. be there. The news came before the wind that you added to the camp. Again, you have given a great loss. A lot of blood will be shed until the fire of revenge that Bamsi has burned is extinguished.

May my Lord not let your pussa suffer.

Amine! Amen if GOD lets. I had a meal ready for you as if I was born inside. If you come on top of it, you will come to my table if you are hungry. I have a problem to consult with my gentlemen. Later, I hope Malhun chick. Sir. I’m Bala. Ghazan be blessed. Let there be! be there. Selamunaleykum master David. And aleykum salam. Come easy. If it’s easy, come on. Father’s job. Shoot it.

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