Filinta Mustafa Episode 2 In Urdu Subtitle

Filinta Mustafa Episode 2 In Urdu Subtitle

Filinta Mustafa Episode 2 In Urdu Subtitle You have put Byzantium into slumber. They have become unable to take their heads out of the castles they have taken refuge in for a long time, challenge you, and read. You knew seventy-two nations from yourself. You opened your heart to them. It is to establish a state. May God be with you in this blessed day. Amine! Amen if GOD lets! We are just at the beginning of the road. Hopefully, with the light of Islam, we will illuminate our path and reach our destination.

You should not forget, Osman Bey,

your destination is secret in your dream, which was heralded to you. As Yusuf Has Hacib from Balasagun said; You will follow the path of your heart’s inclination. May you be on the ceremony, truth and justice on the holy road you have arrived. Hopefully! Hopefully. It is possible that your caftan, which is too narrow for you, will be torn. May the state that is heralded in your dream be granted to you. Amine.Filinta Mustafa Episode 2 In Urdu Subtitle

Let that moon coming out of your chest,

which you saw in your dream and told me about, be the light of the generation that rules the world. Pied! My crepe juice has arrived! Let Bala let her know. Osman Bey let him know in Söğüt. Okay, calm down, come and go. Hurry up Alaca come on! OK. O Lord, give me a good son. Give good son.

This is God’s miracle, Bala lady. My Bala run! Malhun

chick’s pains have started, let her catch up quickly! My Bala! hey. are you okay? I’m fine I’m fine. Let’s catch up fast! Osman Bey! Osman Bey! You should. It’s time for malhun chick. What do you say… O Allah! Clench your teeth Malhun! Hope comes to our generation. Filinta Mustafa Episode 2 In Urdu Subtitle How happy is our son that he will have a lion-like father and a mother of two! Lets! Hurry, be quick, come on! Come on,

bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Oh my god! Oh my god!

Brother! Let’s just say, what is the mood? He is in his ear, my brother is in his ear. oh my god. Allan will give us children too, girl. Not one, not three, not five. First of all, may Cerkutay give good children. I hope you are the light of my eyes. O Lord, grant me a son worthy of my generation. And don’t make my Bala childless. Your son was born safe, Osman Bey. His mother is also good. honey.

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