Filinta Mustafa Episode 8 In Urdu Subtitle

Filinta Mustafa Episode 8 In Urdu Subtitle

Filinta Mustafa Episode 8 In Urdu Subtitle Now, what suits you as Osman’s alpi is to do the right thing, Göktuğ. Thank you brother, you speak truthfully. Hey bro it’s me. This would be good for Osman’s alpine, Göktuğ. This would be worthy of Osman’s alpine, Göktuğ. You should collect the rugs separately, Alaca. What are they for? Come on,

As the mother wears herself, she stops and frowns,

and the bride would say, Malhun, that these will decorate every part of the tent you will reach. Well, being Umur bey’s wife requires skill. He would turn the big camp on his own and the war scarcity would overcome everything.Filinta Mustafa Episode 8 In Urdu Subtitle  He used to work on them in the remaining time. Ah, you passed away quickly, my valiant mother.

Let Alaca collect ornamental rugs

and embroideries in a separate place. Why did we open these, Malhun chick, I was left wondering. They have been standing in the ballot box since we arrived at Kayı Obası. May my mother’s wish come true. Let them decorate Osman Bey’s tent, may he rest in peace, my dear. You thought well, does Bala chick know about this? There is no need for that tent,

Osman Bey. I’m also the daughter of this tribe.

Have you settled well in their lairs? What word is settle? Not only Osman’s lair, but also the success of his tribe is in my palms. Sooner or later I will wipe out the blood of the Turks. But first I will steal Osman’s hope for a son. And… …with these delicate hands of yours. Malhun embraced me like a brother.

Filinta Mustafa Episode 8 In Urdu Subtitle

These delicate hands of mine are strong enough to gouge their eyes. Zoyi is my little venomous snake. To explain. Which one should I start with? Malhun chick, Alaca, Umur bey… Göktuğ… He is in love with the fool. Is this foolish lover being blown away by your wind? Is it the wind? If you say storm, we’ll agree, sir.

Zoyi, strengthen your connections there.

Get in and out of every hole until I get the final blow and be my shadow. I want to know everything, not just what you hear, what you see, what you feel, everything you smell. The smell of goat I smell. The taste of the pain that I will experience with what I feel. I say. All of these are handcrafted by my mother.

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