Filinta Mustafa Episode 9 In Urdu Subtitle

Filinta Mustafa Episode 9 In Urdu Subtitle

Filinta Mustafa Episode 9 In Urdu Subtitle Trust in your faithful servant Zoyi, sir. I will not leave the den I entered without my prey. Göktuğ missed you. Go on. No, this silence is not a good omen. The Governor has already learned that we kidnapped Judge Togay. Sir, will these oppressors raise an army against us? The Mongolian is in trouble with all kinds of rebellions. Our Turkmen brothers are also running for independence.

They cannot think of raising an army against us in this mess.

But we will still take our precautions. Is there a destur, sir? come on. My lord, the Mongols have sent an envoy. Aha, prepare your stick. Come on, let’s see. I came by the order of the blessed governor of the Supreme Ilkhanate State, the Judge. You should. Filinta Mustafa Episode 9 In Urdu Subtitle I know what I came for. You executed Togay, Osman Bey.

Well, what more does the governor want? your price.

The price, the price. What would you say is the cost? You will pay your three-year tax in three days. This is the punishment you have been given for now. Filinta Mustafa Episode 9 In Urdu Subtitle Three days, three days. If you don’t deliver the gold on time, your deal with the Judge will be ignored. The Ilkhanate army will come not to buy gold, but to take heads. Since three days then you should go.

Let’s start collecting our gold.

Well, guys. Let’s say you all heard it. What do you think? Let’s say we found the gold they wanted and brought them together. What will we do?  And they won’t even stop, they will still want it. No, we have no choice but to fight.Dimitri, you will meet the nökers, I don’t feel comfortable without seeing that gold in the pen. Who would dare? I like action. Take your precautions so you can sleep well, Dimitri.

They compel us. That’s why they kept the price high.

They want me to pay. They will throw the responsibility of war on us in their minds. I have an agreement with the sultan. It would not be appropriate for me to attempt anything without informing him. After all, he risked his throne to favor us, after all. I will think it through and make my decision accordingly. Governor Judge’s gold will arrive in our lands tomorrow.

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