Ismizlar Season 1 & 2 With Urdu Subtitles

Isimsizler Season 1 With Urdu Subtitles

Ismizlar Season 1 & 2 With Urdu Subtitles  I know him. He won’t be able to digest it. Not Balgay if the sentence Mongolian came to me by removing the nine buttons I still wouldn’t give you up, brother. We forgot your wound from the longing for brotherhood. I’ll go get you some ointment. Ismizlar Season 1 & 2 With Urdu Subtitles  Let’s go to the wound. My brother. Hop. Dad what happened here? May Allah protect us from the evil of what is on my mind, son. Is it Osman? How does it do that? Obviously Samsa’s alps are at your service. How far does this go, Dad?

We will pay the price with the blood of our martyrs.

We will not sacrifice this land that my father conquered to those who are sold out like you. Alps kill them all. Don’t force it, Demirci Bey. I said don’t force it, Demirci Bey. I said don’t force it. Boran I want Dundar Bey alive. Come on! Thank you sir. He’s gone this way. Lets hurry up. Come on. Mr. Alisar you. I know you’re in trouble. Come this way. Run Melik Osman will follow you as Batur. You’ll lose track of it by the creek.Run. This is not Batur’s trace.

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This is someone else. Who could it be batur

we have no loss, sir. Brother Boran is after Dundar Bey. Dumrul will fall into my hands sooner or later. Soon or later. Come on. Whoo! What is that? My Sancak Bey looks like he fell off a horse. Osman. Osman. What happened to Osman? Osman attacked his headquarters. He killed all his nukes. Ismizlar Season 1 & 2 With Urdu Subtitles  And now he’s after my son. Let me follow you with your nöker. Do you know what you said? You heard it . Gonca waits. Osman brought it. It is Bala. Extinct heart fire.



He said I don’t want you first of all her father

despised her now the girl now she despises the girl. My Osman where did he come from? You, you do not make a definitive judgment. Bamsı Bey gave the verdict to honey, not me. Actually, it’s not even fair. We are on a road where we do not know what will happen tomorrow. So it means it was hard for him to walk with me. It was heavy. Son I know my daughter, Bala. I know my Bala girl. He neither cares about the future nor runs away from difficulties. Son, Let me know. Don’t be crazy.

They listen to you Eh Enough is informal.

You keep howling as Osman Osman. First of all, think about your own thoughts and talk like that. You still say Osman. You couldn’t see what that madman did. What did he do? What did Osman do? Even if you spill what you’ve done yourself. First Bala, then Gündüz, now Batur. Go! Let someone else tell you. You obviously have a long arm. You will let me know, lady. Osman will return from this grudge. If something happens to my Batur that’s when you see Zöhre.

What are you looking at Huh Come on lift it.

Come on to the healing house. He is injured, isn’t he? Is the wound serious? Where is his wound? His mother heals him, his mother heals him. My cousin, my cousin Batur. Ismizlar Season 1 & 2 With Urdu Subtitles  Where is your wound, baby? My Batur, my Batur. Batur. baby.  His mother, Batur Batur my lamb, my baby. Open your eyes, my child. Baby Batur. Open your eyes, man.

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