Keiki Sniper Episode 7 With Urdu Subtitle

Keiki Sniper Episode 7 With Urdu Subtitle

Keiki Sniper Episode 7 With Urdu Subtitle For years, the original of the law that Genghis Khan had written was lost. How did you find it? Khidr does not grow until the servant gets stuck. Let’s say Khidr came to our rescue. Who is this Khidr Osman Bey? I said secret, Bala Hatun. Is it a secret to me too? The one you said you loved that you tried to burn the world for Is it a secret for your wife too? Now you know If you’re going to share a lifetime with me You wo n’t know my secrets. You will stop where I say stop.

And where it is necessary to be silent You will be silent. I’m a ahi girl Osman Bey If I’m going to be a comrade to my wife I’d like to know your secret too. I want to stand next to you like a mountain.

I want to fight with him and take life. I’m not like the

chicks you know! Let me. Permission is yours. Selamun aleykum. Salam Alaikum. You’ve reached the range quickly. You hit me hard from the wild place, sir. No, Samsa Sergeant? Are you looking weird? How did this work, Osman Bey? What happened to the deyyus who tried our lives and let us go? Every lock has a key, Mr. Samsa. The important thing is Whose waist is the key. You are wrong, Mr. Samsa. What matters is whether the door is opened or not. That door opened, now we are free. What is camaraderie, Osman Bey? What is fraternity? Why don’t you tell us?

No one gave us our freedom, Mr. Samsa. We got it.

I can’t say this to anyone. When I leaned on you, two mountains came together, my memories became a mountain range. But I was wrong. I, the husband Samsa, trampled on his soul I served you like an alpine. Mr. Samsa The ground of oppression hits us We go through tough times. If we don’t understand each other on this road Obviously, wild rivers have come between us. Obviously, our wind blows apart, our water flows differently. What I don’t see, what I don’t know Moreover, when I feel that I can’t be trusted I don’t stop on that road anymore.

Mr. Samsa Let the fruit of the dark winter come

to my face. Since a secret came between us I also walk the road to freedom alone. If any, my right is halal for you. Swimming in their blood We will cross the seas. If I stop, crush me If I get tired, trample me On the hooves of your horses. If you stop Be my enemy If you stand still In the hands of spirits Suffer eternally. I seal Genghis Khan’s law on my tongue with fire. Bismillahirahmanirahim What happens when we say “Be” Filling our hearts with the spirit of faith With the 99 names of Almighty Allah. My gentlemen Black days He took our Oba captive. Mongolian says

I went But It is not certain that he will not return tomorrow.

We’re here to discuss the situation. I’ve been here all these years I ‘ve never seen another alp holding a pusat unaware of the gentleman. Osman Unaware of you and the naivete Dundar Bey has messed with the Mongolian beehive. We heard that you rejected Balgay’s Sancak Bey offer. What do you rely on to do this? Osman would accept this great offer politically These would not have happened to us. It won’t come now. What about the future? Doesn’t our generation say Because they put a Mongolian collar around our ancestor’s

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