Sadulbahar Episode 2 With Urdu Subtitles

Sadulbahar Episode 2 With Urdu Subtitles

Sadulbahar Episode 2 With Urdu Subtitles Emir Osman never mentioned his battles with Bey Today. His compliment was due to his victory over the Greek kefir. Maybe you’re right, Malhun. However, Osman’s influence and power on the Turkmen camps gradually increase. I’ll show them what gas means, what it means to overcome the kefir! The time for an informal move is approaching. Your reputation spreads, and your informal name is heard in Konya, Mr Osman. Do you think the dark clouds will dissipate? It will dissipate, of course, my Bala. Good days await us. God willing. It seems like there is gnawing trouble, my Bala. Don’t you know, my Osman?

Don’t you know my unrelenting trouble?

Whenever you talk about good days, it comes to my mind. If we are not going to have a child, how will those good days come? This is the only question I don’t know the answer to. Sadulbahar Episode 2 With Urdu Subtitles This is the only enemy I am desperate for. It’s not that difficult, Osman. You will get a chick that suits you and you will have an heirloom. But I- I do not say that I am the enemy of those who sits in my heart. Every brain has a problem. But the trouble that rests in your heart, that’s what makes me helpless.

My hand is tied, my Bala, so that you will be unhappy.

What a beautiful heart you have. May my Lord give whatever your heart desires. Bala. Amine Amen, I hope my Bala. Amine. Brother, informal oba is entrusted to you. Even if it is a Seljuk emir, the Mongolian cannot be trusted. Don’t let your eyes stay behind, Mr Osman. Oba is entrusted to us. Have a nice trip. Thank you, brother. Osman Bey, Osman Bey. We know that Konya, like these ends, is complicated, be careful, be careful. May God be your help and help.

Go now. Take care of yourself. Osman Bey will notice his absence,

come on. Boran Come on! You become more beautiful when you get angry, my Gonca. Lets. Lets! I heard that Osman fired the envoy you sent from his tent and violated his reputation. If I say I’m sorry, it would be a lie. Because I warned you, Today. But you didn’t listen to me. When the time comes, I will not leave the head on shoulders, stones on stones, Nikola.Sadulbahar Episode 2 With Urdu Subtitles

You are on your own now. If the time will come,

then I will sit in my corner and watch your victory with pleasure. Osman’s punishment will not be me, but the Seljuk sultan. Since when did the Seljuk sultan begin to deal with the frontier chiefs? I do not know your politics. Yarhisar will pay the tax. Otherwise, I do this work myself with my sentries. Or the stones of the Yarhisar castle become a grave for Jason. The tooth that you could not pass on to Osman, will you pass it to us Today? I don’t dazzle my teeth, Nikola. If you remember we had an agreement with you.

Jason cannot pay his taxes without taking the refugees

who cling to Osman like a leech. There’s no deal, Nikola. I will personally collect the tax from Yarhisar. If you are so impatient, I will talk to Jason. This is the last chance for Yason, Nikola. When I spear his poor head on the walls of Yarhisar castle, your reputation will be destroyed in the eyes of the landlords. Do you understand that well, Nikola? Open the door! Very good, Today.

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