Tozkopran Episode 24 with Urdu Subtitles

Tozkopran Episode 24 with Urdu Subtitles

Tozkopran Episode 24 with Urdu Subtitles alsodeliver the relics, come,this is what I’ve frozen,subscribe,say hello from us,I need to find Constantinople as soon as possible. Inorder to pass this Anatolia smoothly, hiscommander Andreasaid that you can help, he said it’s true.But I will not bring it from Anatolia alone,but I will talk with you. Iwill come to the booth why one of his spies has beencaught and a statement has been sent.

If Melikşah finds out what he did,

he will not let melive. I need the support of his emperor,afterall, this is the enemy of all of us,I know that you are taking these holy relics, I know that youwill help me for the support of the empire.But if you stay with me, listen to the police, Tozkopran Episode 24 with Urdu Subtitles continuedhealth,Great God God takes what he wants, he went to join our soldiers,we’ll spend the night here,

They promised to use the ratings for you today.

Get out, Saltuk. Come on. Sir you what did you do? This is not the job of the Prosecutor, babe. I will be the gentleman. My lion my erim the post of my tent congratulations to your principality congratulations. I’ll wait for your news. I’ll wait for your news to get our revenge . Day and night to celebrate I’ll wait for your news. Dear Lord show me that moment.

if it gets full at dawn, Anatolia will be dominant

andhe will from here K May we will throw a shelf inthis water We will follow when they leave theinn Ifit is easier for us to attack while we are outside Sencer hasn’t received any more news we should act before him and finish our work Do notinvoiceSencer will give it outside even if he does not die in the castlesubscribeo Come on bro Tozkopran Episode 24 with Urdu Subtitles his place is a shortcut Both we are not there And wewill go from mountain to stonetrust us we know this place well trust us you ate cheap soldier,

do you have any doubt in your you will understand

when you cut off your head you degeneratethey went to another housethis TLP it’s time still sound I wonder if something came alone, Or Icouldn’t leave the castle, but I brought news from the pot,there is that, if Dönmez and I don’t see him again, summer will notcome again, spring will not come again, my life will fade like flowers without water. There isstill no news from the pot.He will comesafely, I hope he will come, I hope hewill take our revenge with the holy relics He said Just because of this, Iput his pride aside andsent his steelto that treacherous bucket.Who knows, look at me, defend him more.If you think of your father, if something goes wrong and he doesnot get the holy relics,Tozkopran Episode 23 with Urdu Subtitles

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