Tozkopran Episode 4 with Urdu Subtitles

Tozkopran Episode 4 with Urdu Subtitles

Tozkopran Episode 4 with Urdu Subtitles he fleeing fox, the snake that bites in these lands. Just like I know where Umur Bey is. Where? If Black Shaman Togay agrees with me, you’ll know where he is. Togay and I both know very well why the Turks are advancing westward. I learned who Osman has the settlement documents of the Turkmens. What do you want in return? Geyhatu and I have a common enemy.

Get the quick healing tent ready!

You take the wounded alps! Come on! Do not shake! There is no Osman. Thank God Aygul is back. My Bayhoca! Mom, I’ll go.  you can not go Let Lena think of her baby Lena! Come on alps! Carry the wounded! Hold on boy! Ladies, let’s get the quick healing tent ready! Do not shake! Let’s get the quick healing tent ready! My nephew! You will live, open your eyes!Tozkopran Episode 4 with Urdu Subtitles Open your eyes, I won’t leave you, open your eyes, Bayhoca! I won’t leave you open your eyes! I won’t let you open your eyes!

In return for Osman’s head,

I promise Togay the Omur’s obsession. No. My nephew.! Sir! O veteran, I have one last request from you, do not die. Do not! Sir! What happened to brother? I’ll tell you bro. My son! My son! Sir! No! lena!  Lets! Open your eyes! You can’t go anywhere! lena! Come on, help the alps come on! and to those we trust the most. What do you want to say, Malhun lady? Didn’t you hear that there was no one who knew that he was going to war, other than his lords? Should the prosecutor suspect the gentleman? Or is it from Dundar Bey

Hold on, my lion.  my valiant,

hold on! Let’s open your eyes, don’t let us go like this, son! My lord Nikola has learned everything. We were ambushed, they shot Bayhoca. What happened, where are the rest? Where is Osman Bey? We were ambushed. We have martyrs and even wounded.ll that fear does not help death. Osman Bey will surely see the reckoning of both Nikola and Flatyos with bloody hands. So Osman Bey and his alps went to finish this job, huh. It will not return until it is finished. I know. You don’t worry.

Hold on, nephew! I won’t let you go,

Bayho! What are you waiting for, Mr. Dundar, go and take care of the wounded. Bring a clean cloth! my gonca! Bud! Don’t pull the cloth, you should press it on the wound, Gonca. hold on. Hopefully. Bring it quickly, I’ll cauterize the wound, come on. How did you get ambushed? They knew our future. Come on, come on! It doesn’t stop, it doesn’t stop! My prosecutor’s blood does not stop! No, hold on son! Don’t close your eyes, open your eyes! Don’t close your eyes! son!Tozkopran Episode 4 with Urdu Subtitles

My concern is that is not the two degenerates

he is after. What I’m worried about is the word that comes out of the mouth of the Potter Idris dog before it dies. Who do you dog? I will say, I will say, I will say it all. Those who are after treason are closest to you, Osman Bey. What do you mean babe? As İdris İnin said, Osman Bey should beware of his closest enemy. First of all, he had to find the traitor in the camp. Even the Alps do not know where and which war they are chasing. Don’t worry about Osman Bey. My father says that it teaches us not to trust anyone, Tozkopran Episode 3

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